An Overview Of Working With An Auto Collision Repair Shop After You've Been In An Accident

Being in an accident is a frightening experience. Dealing with your car repairs afterward can be stressful, too. However, as long as you have insurance, there's not much for you to do other than select the auto collision repair shop you want. Here's an overview of the process.

Get Estimates

Once you're safe, call your insurance company and let them know about the accident and ask them what you need to do. They may want you to get multiple estimates or they may provide you with a list of mechanics they often work with. You can choose a shop from their list or choose a different one.

If you happen to know a shop owner personally, you may feel more comfortable taking your car to them. Unless your insurance company requests it, you don't need multiple estimates. Pick your shop and let the shop owner work out the details and cost with your insurance company.

Be Prepared To Pay The Deductible

The deductible for your insurance is set when you buy your car insurance policy. If you've forgotten what it is, be sure to check. You'll need to pay this amount when you pick up your car from the shop. If you chose a high deductible to get lower payments, then you'll want to know the amount and make sure you have the funds available before you take your car to the shop.

Use Appropriate Parts

The auto collision repair shop knows what kind of parts should be used to keep in accordance with insurance regulations. For instance, they'll use new rather than old parts. Plus, they may need to use OEM parts on a leased car rather than aftermarket parts. You won't have to make these decisions when your insurance company is paying for the repairs, but you should know what kind of parts are going in your car and what kind of work needs to be done.

Keep In Touch With The Repair Shop

The estimate for the work should be close to the final price. However, the mechanic can't always see the damage until the car is taken apart. If additional damage is found, the mechanic should call you and let you know. The auto collision repair shop should keep you informed about any changes and delays that could come up as your car is being repaired.

Once the repairs are complete, your car should look like its old self. The auto collision repair shop can match paint to the exact color, so you don't have to worry about the repairs being noticeable.

For more information, reach out to an auto collision repair shop near you.